Elisa Terroba (Arriate, Málaga, 1986) is an artist of language. She develops her work around codes, their construction and deconstruction to change the discourses and with them, the different ways of thinking. 

Halfway between objectification and digitization, Terroba makes the book object, reifying the code, and develops a new digital coding, transforming structures through an aesthetic of dateo. In addition, she approaches poetry, which generates the most flexible and fluid speeches, allowing her greater freedom in their deconstruction and reconstruction.

Her pieces, rich in references, are inspired by both avant-garde and the latest digital art, building bridges between past and present and makes new readings of tradition also in the visual language, giving more force to her productions. 

Her works can already be found in the collections of the National Library, the Casa de Velázquez in Madrid and the Center for Contemporary Art Foundation Antonio Perez in Cuenca.